Price increment on Plesk and cPanel control panel for new and existing users

All existing and new Plesk or cPanel users are expecting a price increment of about 10%. If your subscription ends after 01/01/2022 will be affected.

29th Sept 2021
We are selling products and services in Singapore dollars only.

All products and services are advertised and published in Singapore dollars (SGD) without Tax

30th Nov 2020
If you received "I have bad news for you Email Scam"

If you have received this type of email ' I have bad news for you ...'. Please stay clam. Most likely you have infected computers in your network you can follow this guide 


11th Oct 2019
The online store will be under maintenance

The online store will be under maintenance on this coming Saturday 31st August 2019 from 12 ~ 6 PM.

The works were done earlier than expected. We are opened at 3.10 pm.

29th Aug 2019
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