BasiQue anti-spam for Vastspace's customers (FREE-TO-USE)

 Saturday, May 25, 2024

The terms and Conditions to use BasiQue anti-spam

  1. BasiQue is an effective anti-spam service free to use as an add-on service for a hosted email service or a server at Vastspace, such as an email service in the VPS.
  2. BasiQue anti-spam is renewable quarterly at no cost, and it is available. 
  3. Inbound email filtering only and no archiving.
  4. The final email server destination must be within Vastspace's network. Vastspace reserves the right to refuse to add your domain(s) to the anti-spam service at any time. 
  5. Quarantined emails are links sent to users in a report at 9 am daily; you can deliver the quarantined emails and whitelist/backlist the senders simultaneously. You can ignore this message if you see it"You do not have,,," and click OK to advance. No login will be provided to release quarantined emails or whitelist/blacklist the senders. 
  6. Subscribers can request White or Blasklist senders by emailing a request to the helpdesk. The team will act within 24 hours. However, we reserve the right to decline or reject the request if, for example, the sender's domain is listed in any DNSBL.
  7. Due to backscatters and high undeliverable bounce emails, the domain will be removed.
  8. Minimum tech support will be provided for this free service.
  9. One domain for all users is entitled to one organization. For more than one domain, please send your request to, and it is subject to approval. 
  10. For anti-spam and email security solutions with better features, please visit our page here:

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