OpenSSL TLS Diffie-Hellman Export Cipher Downgrade Attack Lets Remote Users Decrypt Connections

Description:   A vulnerability was reported in OpenSSL. A remote user may be able to decrypt TLS connections in certain situations. A remote user that can conduct a man-in-the-middle attack can cause the target system to downgrade the Diffie-Hellman algorithm to 512-bit export-grade cryptography. The remote user may then be able to decrypt ... Read More »

12th Jun 2015
Our Billing Software, WHMCS Security Advisory TSR-2015-0001

At Singapore time 1.23am, we have received notification from WHMCS that they have released new updates to address security concerns within the WHMCS product. The security changes in these releases address 9 issues, all of which were reported via the Security Bounty Program, or discovered internally by the WHMCS Development Team. The issues ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2015
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