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BasiQue anti-spam (Free-to-use anti-spam service)

BasiQue is an effective anti-spam service free to use as an add-on service for a hosted email service or a server at Vastspace, such as an email service in the VPS.
BasiQue anti-spam is renewable quarterly at no cost, and it is available.
Inbound email filtering only and no archiving.
The final mail server destination must be within Vastspace's network. Vastspace reserves the right to refuse to add your domain(s) to the anti-spam service at any time.
Quarantined emails are links sent to users in a report at 9 am daily; you can deliver the quarantined emails and whitelist/backlist the senders simultaneously. You can ignore this message if you see it"You do not have,,," and click OK to advance. No login will be provided to release quarantined emails or whitelist/blacklist the senders.
Subscribers can request White or Blasklist senders by emailing a request to the helpdesk. The team will act within 24 hours. However, we reserve the right to decline or reject the request if, for example, the sender's domain is listed in any DNSBL.
Due to backscatters and high undeliverable bounce emails, the domain will be removed.
Minimum tech support will be provided for this free service.
One domain for all users is entitled to one organization. For more than one domain, please send your request to, and it is subject to approval.
For anti-spam and email security solutions with better features, please visit our page here

Barracuda Email Security Gateway Defense (per mailbox)

Virus Protection, Spam Protection, Anti-Phishing, Link Protection, Typo squatting Detection, DoS Attack Protection, Outbound Email Encryption for sensitive data, Outbound Filtering DLP (Data Loss Prevention), Email Continuity – Auto fail-over of email services if 365 goes offline & Self-Managed. 30-Day searchable Archive.
(working mailbox is required) [can integrate with M365 or MX-Relayed ]

MXGuardian Email Security Professional (per mailbox)

Virus protection, Spam Protection, Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks, Malicious URL Detection, Bayesian Machine Learning Algorithm, Spear Phishing Detection, User-Level Quarantine, Thwart Imposters, Block Ransomware, Message Spooling, Outbound Filtering, Automatic failover to a secondary mail server or ISP, SMS Alerts on the Down mail server (with outbound option), Automatic failover to a secondary mail server or ISP (with an outbound), POP3/IMAP Pass-thru Authentication (with outbound), 30-day searchable archive & Self-Managed.
Please contact us for a discount on two mailboxes and more. (working mailbox is required)(MX-Relayed only)

SpamTitan Cloud Plus (per mailbox)

CEO Impersonation protection, Phishing/ Spear phishing protection, Link analysis and URL rewriting, Full Sandboxing, Zero Day Attacks protection, Mail Spooling, Spoofing protection, Malware and Ransomware protection, SPF/DKIM/DMARC checking, Geoblocking, Inbound and outbound filtering, Quarantine reports & nore
(working mailbox is required) [can integrate with M365 or MX-Relayed ]
Estimated price, please Ask to Quote

ProofPoint Essentials Business (per mailbox)

Spam & Content Filtering, Reporting, URL/Attachment Defense, One-Click Message Pull, Continuity, DLP, Encryption, Social Media Protection, Email Warning Tags, Advanced BEC, One-Click Message Pull, Simulated Phishing, Training Modules, PhishAlarm.
(working mailbox is required) [can integrate with M365 or MX-Relayed ]
Refer here for other plans
Estimated price, please Ask to Quote

Avanan Email & Collaboration Security - Protect (Basic) (per mailbox)

Secure all email - incoming, outgoing and internal
Advanced AI-based anti-phishing
Anti-spam filtering
Known malware prevention (Antivirus)
Malicious URL protection (URL Reputation)
URL click-time protection (URL Rewriting)
Account takeover prevention (Anomalies)
Unauthorized application detections (Shadow IT).
(working mailbox is required) [can integrate with M365 or Google Workspace]
Refer here for other plans
Estimated price, please Ask to Quote

Vastspace Inbound anti-SPAM with Last 30-day archiving

One Domain/Unlimited mailboxes, 30-day inbound email archiving, Shared/Users' Quarantine, 100K Inbound emails included, Option to increase Inbound emails at 100K increment, Outbound filtering/SMTP (Optional), Control panel & Dashboard statistics & Self-Managed.
(MX-Relayed only for all users, per domain. 100,000 inbound emails limited)
(working mailbox is required)

PMG Dedicated anti-spam Gateway

Working mailboxes are required.

  • 2 Dedicated MX filtering servers in cluster
  • Filter unlimited domains and users
  • 30-Day Quarantined Emails Archiving
  • Daily updates
  • Enterprise repo subscription
  • Dedicated IP
  • Dedicated SSL Certificate
  • Super Admin Login
  • BCC Archiving
Anti-spam for inbound emails only by N-able (formerly Spamexperts)

Control panel

  • One Domain/Unlimited mailboxes
  • No Surcharges on the number of Inbound emails
  • No archiving, only 14-day quarantined emails
  • Self-Managed
Managed ANTI-SPAM for incoming emails

Filter incoming spams for one domain up to 999 mailboxes.

Imunify360 for Single user

Integrate with Plesk & cPanel (1CPU core or 1 Gb RAM VPS is not recommended)

  • Check out the features
  • Self-Managed
Imunify360 for up to 30 users

Integrate with Plesk & cPanel (1CPU core or 1 Gb RAM VPS is not recommended)

  • Check out the features
  • Self-Managed
Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin Premium
  • Check out the other plans at 12 months license
  • Self-Managed
Premium addon: Dr Web Anti-virus for Plesk VPS
  • Self-Managed

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